Price list of Procedures

Medical Examination
basic preliminary check-up320
goal-oriented and follow-up check-up190
output check-up240
specialized (including FLEET test and iris diagnosis)900
complex (FLEET test, iris diagn. AMP = non-invasive blood analysis) 1300
Therapeutic Exercise
group, goal-oriented80
group exercise in swimming pool90
swimming under an expert supervision60
Finnish sauna (min 3 persons)90
reflexology, soft techniques260
full-body masasge450
partial (back and neck) 15 + 20 min180
partial – back or limbs100
vacuum massage - ca 40 minutes (combination of partial and vacuum massage)290
lymphatic drainage310
(every next 10 minutes)60
hot stone massage (combination of partial and hot stone massage)290
Dorn’s method (30 min)350
Vincentka mineral water105
Oxygen – 20 min210
Oxygen – 30 min240
Body Wraps
paraffin wrap – one body part/place160
paraffin hand bath with peloid mud130
peloid (mud) body wrap190
diadynamic current160
light treatment - Biolamp70
Solux, sunray lamp70
Electrotherapy special – up to 30 min HAI HUA220
(every next 5 minutes)20
IWT Bioresonator90
Iplicator "Kuzněcova”70
underwater massage320
underwater hand massage380
whirlpool and bubble bath300
Baths With Additives
sulfur bath320
iodine bath320
peloid mud320
salt from the Dead Sea320
salt with Aaron’s beard320
salt with eucalyptus320
salt with lavender320
salt with camomile320
sodium bicarbonate (to lower Ph)320
Vincentka mineral water concentrate320
full-body carbon dioxide bath370
whirlpool and soft foot massage100
whirlpool and soft hand massage150
hydromassage box(10 min)150
Scottish shower – box (10 min)150
combination of hydromassage techniques “Comfort” – up to 25 minutes200
regular Scottish shower230
steam-bath – box (up to 15 minutes)130
after-bath dry pack60
cleansing and warming-up shower30
Dry Carbon Dioxide Baths
upper limbs180
lower limbs195
Laboratory Examination
red blood cells sedimentation90
blood sugar90
blood sugar profile310
urinalysis (indicator paper method)50
ECG (EKG)240
Diagnostic Examinations
FLEET diagnostic device + AMP + medicinal dynamics900
FLEET for the accommodated200
SALVIA diagnostic device400
AMP = non-invasive blood analysis500
medicinal dynamics250